SATAC's values are statements about our people and our organisation. They represent what is important to us in our business and in our service. Our values and shared stories support the delivery of our strategic objectives.

Choose from the options below below to read more about each of our value statements and shared stories.

Take the Lead Take the Lead

We show initiative. We don’t wait for others to give us direction or provide answers to our problems. Nor do we wait for others to ask for our help. We tackle problems head-on and take calculated risks in the pursuit of success. We are progressive and create our own future. We are forward-thinking and proactive. We engage in current issues, observe trends and strive for best practice. We show others what is possible. We aim high in everything we do and constantly strive for better outcomes.

Take the Lead (626KB PDF)


Do the Right Thing Do the Right Thing

We are open, honest and fair. We are a trusted provider of fair and transparent admissions services. We provide stakeholders with consistent information that is relevant, unbiased and easy to understand. We believe in what we do. We think and act in ways that support positive outcomes for our stakeholders. We take responsibility and we are accountable for our actions. When we commit to something, we give it our all and strive to deliver.

Do the Right Thing (615KB PDF)


Foster Community Foster Community

We engage with others to foster positive relationships. We enrich our lives through human interaction and shared experience. We are inclusive and respectful. We value individuality and recognise that unique perspectives lead to effective solutions. We celebrate and have fun. Together, we acknowledge our achievements, celebrate our success and have fun.

Foster Community (691KB PDF)



Work as One Work as One

We focus on strategic priorities. Our strategic priorities ensure the long-term success of SATAC and its stakeholders. We share our knowledge and expertise across organisational boundaries in the pursuit of common goals. We encourage everyone to have a voice. We collaborate with each other and our stakeholders. In working together, we offer one another empathy and create space for the perspectives of others.

Work as One (632KB PDF)


Achieve Excellence Achieve Excellence

We question the world around us and seek to do things better. We love to challenge the status quo and to have our thinking challenged in return. We value and foster expertise. As individuals we are expert in our roles. As a collective we are expert in tertiary admissions. We are innovative and agile. We always look for new and creative ways to meet the needs of our stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.

Achieve Excellence (542KB PDF)