If you are applying for a higher education course it is important to understand how much your study might cost, as well as the types of financial assistance that may be available to you.

The information in these pages is a starting point for exploring the range of scholarships offered by SATAC's participating institutions and the Commonwealth Government, and for understanding how tertiary places are funded and how this affects you.

You can find information on the fees associated with studying individual courses on the respective institutions' websites.

Institution Equity Scholarships

Institution Equity Scholarships (IES) are university funded and targeted to undergraduate students who can provide proof of financial need. The University of South Australia offers Institution Equity Scholarships in 2019 with a centralised application through SATAC.

Applications for midyear 2019 are open now. For information about IES and who can apply, see the Equity Scholarships page.

Important note

The information contained in these pages is subject to change due to government reform. SATAC makes every effort to ensure that the information presented here is as accurate as possible, but you are encouraged to check for new information at studyassist.gov.au or contact the Student Enquiry Line on 1800 020 108.